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“ What is aura? A peculiar web of space and time: the unique manifestation of a distance, however near it may be. To follow, while reclining on a summer’s noon, the outline of a mountain range on the horizon or a branch, which casts its shadow on the observer until the moment or  the hour partakes of their presence—this is to breathe in the aura of these mountains, of this branch. ” ― Walter Benjamin

Latest works of Art

春櫻漫漫 2020 油彩 麻布 20F
清夏弄荷 2020 油彩 麻布 30P_edited
紅梅映碧 2020 油彩麻布 30P_edited
清風荷影 2020 油彩 麻布 20P
暖陽荷風 2020 油彩 麻布 20P

春櫻漫漫  Boundless Cherry Blossom

油彩、麻布 oil on canvas
72.5 x 60.5cm (20F)

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